Engineering Sevices

• Adherence to international design & drafting standards
• Decade long industry experience & unbeatable domain expertise
• Building engineering solutions for the future

We Offer Specialised Engineering Services:

  • Mechanical Engineering      
  • Structural Engineering
  • Architectural Services          
  • Civil Engineering        
  • Electrical Engineering

Engineering solutions ought to be agile, inventive, robust and productive. We at NBIT understand and recognize the diverse demands that a client has from engineering design services, and strive to provide high-quality and reliable civil, structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical engineering solutions that perfectly meet their unique needs. Our best-in-class engineering services are provided by an efficient in-house team which has vast experience in not only providing customized solutions but providing value-additions as well across diverse industry verticals.

Outsource Engineering Services
Every business entity needs top notch engineering services for their business operations. However, it’s easier said than done, as maintaining required infrastructure, workflow quality and project management processes intact requires a lot of manpower, time and money, that’s why most smart organizations outsource engineering services to third-party vendors like NBIT services. With over 18 years of industry experience and six sigma processes, quality is never a concern when you outsource engineering services to us. If engineering is not your core competency, outsource your requirements to us, as we possess the software and technical know-how to make your engineering solutions agile and can provide you the best and cost-effective engineering services experience that will surpass your expectations.

Engineering in India
Almost every industry, be it aerospace, shipbuilding, energy or consumer electronics, needs state-of-the-art engineering services to meet their daily operations. As specialized engineering solutions come at a high cost, global businesses prefer outsourcing their jobs related to engineering to India, as it’s easy to get access to expert and low cost offshore vendor in India. We are a leading engineering outsourcing services provider successfully meeting the Reverse engineering, CAD conversion, Retail space planning and 3D rendering requirements of over 9000 customers across 45 countries.